Winchester Pickle Festival 2008

October 1st, 2008 by Colin Tedford · 2 Comments

View of the Pickle Festival from the Trees & Hills tableThis past Saturday I worked a table for Trees & Hills at the Winchester Pickle Festival in my hometown of Winchester, NH. The sky remained gray all day, with periodic sprinkles of rain – not ideal for an uncovered table of paper products, but I bagged & boarded all the minis to keep them safe (and I never thought I’d have any use for those things!). The rain picked up later in the afternoon, causing most of the vendors (myself included) to pack up early. Still, I took in enough to pay for the table, and had some nice conversations with a different crowd from that at a typical comics or zine event.

Some highlights:
- Selling comics to a man who hadn’t bought any in 43 years.
- Meeting some school-age cartoonists, including a high-school acquaintance’s son who took one of Marek Bennett‘s workshops this summer.
- Eating a “hearty garlic” pickle.

Duty-bound to remain at the table as I was, I missed out on the pickle-eating contest and all the other fun activities. Such is the lot of we who toil for the greater good! Events like this really help us get the word out to all kinds of people who may not already be hip to comics, which is a special pleasure and an important part of the ol’ Trees & Hills mission.

Upcoming: Sunday 10/5 I table for Trees & Hills at the Philly Zine Fest.

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