Trick or Treat Comics #4 Call for Submissions

September 8th, 2015 by Colin Tedford · 1 Comment

Get your spooky pen out – Trees & Hills wants you to help us make our fourth set of Trick or Treat Comics! This set of miniature comics will be perfect for giving to trick-or-treaters or Halloween party-goers.

Content: Spookiness, monsters, ghosts, pumpkins, & other Halloween-related stuff (here’s a list of spooky stuff if you need inspiration). Must be suitable for children.

Deadline: October 3. Join us for a Trick or Treat Comics-making session in Keene, NH on September 13 with how-to, story idea brainstorming, and of course drawing!

Format: The printed comics will be 2.75″ x 4.25″ (that’s 1/8th-letter size – a sheet of paper folded in half 3 times), 8 pages, portrait orientation, black & white, with 1/4″ margins. Please leave the lower half of the last page blank so we can include information about the collection. First page can be a cover if you like; last page can be a back cover if you like, but in any case you’ll probably want to fit your name & website (or other preferred contact info) there. (PS: If you want to reprint your comic later, this format neatly reconfigures into two 5.5″ x 8.5″ pages. Uncanny!)

How to submit: First, you have to live in Vermont, New Hampshire, or western Massachusetts; give us a mailing address so we can send you a set of comics. Then submit your comic one of the following ways:

  • Email your comic to as a set of TIF files, one for each page, with filenames formatted [your last name]-tot4-[page number] (e.g. Tedford-tot4-1.tif, Tedford-tot14-2.tif, etc – the “tot4″ stands for “Trick or Treat #4″). They should be 600 dpi B&W (300dpi greyscale is OK if you’re using ink washes or something).
  • Send clean photocopies to Trees & Hills Comics Group, PO Box 645, Winchester, NH 03470 (but they absolutely have to arrive by the deadline).
  • If you’re unable to produce digital files and don’t have enough time to mail copies, ask nicely and maybe the T&H Mobile Production Unit can scan your comics for you (no guarantees).

End result: The comics will be posted online as freely-downloadable print-ready PDFs; you may print as many copies as you want to give away. We will also be offering printed sets for sale, of which we will send you a copy for free. We may at some point reprint Trick or Treat Comics in a bound and digital anthology; if we do we will send you a minimum of one copy. Do not redistribute PDFs or sell copies of anyone else’s comic without their permission; however, you should feel free to sell your own comic individually and/or offer it for download.

We look forward to seeing your spooky comics!

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