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Trick or Treat Comics Workshop Report

September 7th, 2014 by Colin Tedford · 1 Comment

Yesterday’s Trick or Treat Comics-making event in Keene produced two finished and two partly-finished comics. Not bad! :) The weather turned gloomy as we worked (and ate skull & bone-shaped candy), so we turned on an electric jack-o’-lantern.

Three couples attended, each with one person making a comic:

People making Trick or Treat Comics

These two finished so quickly:

This could be you!

This could be you!

You still have until this Saturday (September 13) to make a comic for Trick or Treat Comics #3 — and they’re small, so you can do it even if you haven’t started yet! Find out how in the call for submissions.

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Report: Vermont Small Press & Comics Fair

March 27th, 2012 by Colin Tedford · No Comments

We had a great time this past Saturday at the Vermont Small Press & Comic Fair in Winooski, VT. While it never seemed super busy, there weren’t any really slow spots until later in the day and the crowd seemed very engaged. We met some new (to us) cartoonists in the region, and some text publishers with similar regional focuses to our own. We had lots of good conversations and sold a good number of comics. Kudos to Ric Kadour and Gregory Giordano for organizing a quality show. They might do it again in the fall; whenever the next one happens, we recommend it to both exhibitors and attendees.

Randall Drew wrote about his experience at the table next to ours.

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Good reading: Montpelier’s 24-Hour Comic challenge 2011 collection

October 6th, 2011 by Daniel Barlow · 5 Comments

24-Hour Comics was a huge success again this year in Montpelier, Vt, as about 20 cartoonists, artists and illustrators camped out in Montpelier City Hall from Oct. 1-2. Not everyone made it to page 24, although we had several people drawing comics up until the last minute.

Selections from the comics will be on display at Bagitos Bagel and Burrito Cafe in Montpelier starting this Friday as part of the city’s Art Walk event. But there was such demand to read the whole comics, so we decided to share them all with you here in PDF format. Enjoy!

Ari Elbaum

Brian Ziegler

Daniel Robert Walbridge

Denis St. John

Ed Epstein (part 1)

Ed Epstein (part 2)

Emery Brush (part 1)

Emery Brush (part 2)

Genoa H. Scherbatskoy

Ira Black Shadis

Jeff Potter

Kirsten Edey

Liz Walsh

Neil Flanders (part 1)

Neil Flanders (part 2)

Pam Watts

Phayvanh Luekhamhan

Radical Warren (part 1)

Radical Warren (part 2)

Colin Tedford

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Trees & Hills comics group in Boston

April 19th, 2009 by Daniel Barlow · No Comments

I had a blast earlier this month at the Boston Comic Con. Trees & Hills comics didn’t have a new book of its own to sell, but we did have popular new releases by Marek Bennett, Cat Garza and Colleen Frakes. SEEDS, our 2008 anthology of comics about food, was also a hit and this show was the official debut of our second printing.

There were also superheroes there!

50 more photographs of the Boston Comic Con 2009 can be found here at my Facebook page.

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Trees & Hills travels to Webcomics Weekend 2009

March 22nd, 2009 by Daniel Barlow · No Comments

50 more photos over at my Facebook page.

Cat Garza, Megan Baehr, Colin Tedford and I dashed down to Easthampton, Mass. Saturday morning for the first annual Webcomics Weekend.

Despite some predictions of doom (will they let us in?), everything seemed to work out fine. We saw lots of old friends and met some new ones. Hopefully, by next year this event will blossom into a real Web comics convention and summit … Trees & Hills would have loved to get a table to sell our comics, but only a select handful of creators were allowed to this year. Still, it was great to peak into the western Massachusetts Web comics empire, all hunkered down in a gorgeous and inspiring old industrial building renovated into studio space.

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SEEDS sells out at Stars & Skulls craft show

December 22nd, 2008 by Daniel Barlow · 1 Comment


We sold out of the first printing of SEEDS this month, an amazing feat for a book that is less than three months old. The honor occured at the Stars & Skulls craft show, a fun annual DIY punk rock market in Hadley, Mass, on Sunday, Dec. 14.

A new printing of SEEDS is coming in January – don’t miss it this time!

(Here we have Anne Thalheimer’s monster hats advertised by a fellow monster!)

More pictures from the show below the cut!

[

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Retreat Report

October 4th, 2008 by Colin Tedford · No Comments

Plotting the future of Trees & Hills

Wondering just what went on at the Planning & Camping Retreat we had back in August? Well, wonder no more! In short: we wrote a mission statement, discussed how we should define our audience and membership (particularly concerning the age spectrum), and determined to work out our “official” values and a list of current and future activities. We also made music, ate delicious food, laughed, and walked in the moonlight. For more details and how to help determine the future of Trees & Hills, read on! [Read more →]

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Winchester Pickle Festival 2008

October 1st, 2008 by Colin Tedford · 2 Comments

View of the Pickle Festival from the Trees & Hills tableThis past Saturday I worked a table for Trees & Hills at the Winchester Pickle Festival in my hometown of Winchester, NH. The sky remained gray all day, with periodic sprinkles of rain – not ideal for an uncovered table of paper products, but I bagged & boarded all the minis to keep them safe (and I never thought I’d have any use for those things!). The rain picked up later in the afternoon, causing most of the vendors (myself included) to pack up early. Still, I took in enough to pay for the table, and had some nice conversations with a different crowd from that at a typical comics or zine event.

Some highlights:
- Selling comics to a man who hadn’t bought any in 43 years.
- Meeting some school-age cartoonists, including a high-school acquaintance’s son who took one of Marek Bennett‘s workshops this summer.
- Eating a “hearty garlic” pickle.

Duty-bound to remain at the table as I was, I missed out on the pickle-eating contest and all the other fun activities. Such is the lot of we who toil for the greater good! Events like this really help us get the word out to all kinds of people who may not already be hip to comics, which is a special pleasure and an important part of the ol’ Trees & Hills mission.

Upcoming: Sunday 10/5 I table for Trees & Hills at the Philly Zine Fest.

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Boston Zine Fair 2008

September 28th, 2008 by Daniel Barlow · 4 Comments

Walking away from the Boston Zine Fair Sunday evening, I was tired and hungry – but a feeling of utter elation would not go away.

In all respects, the Boston Zine Fair was a success for us this year.

[

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Comics on the grass, under the sun

June 30th, 2008 by Daniel Barlow · 2 Comments


Know this: All kids like drawing comics. Let’s keep ‘em drawing. And Marek Bennett (above) clearly knows how.

More photos from Trees & Hills’ appearance at the Arts Alive! Festival in Dover, NH on Saturday can be found at our new official Flickr page.

This set is from Mr. Bennett. Pay him a visit at www.marekbennett.com

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