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Trees & Hills travels to Webcomics Weekend 2009

March 22nd, 2009 by Daniel Barlow · No Comments

50 more photos over at my Facebook page.

Cat Garza, Megan Baehr, Colin Tedford and I dashed down to Easthampton, Mass. Saturday morning for the first annual Webcomics Weekend.

Despite some predictions of doom (will they let us in?), everything seemed to work out fine. We saw lots of old friends and met some new ones. Hopefully, by next year this event will blossom into a real Web comics convention and summit … Trees & Hills would have loved to get a table to sell our comics, but only a select handful of creators were allowed to this year. Still, it was great to peak into the western Massachusetts Web comics empire, all hunkered down in a gorgeous and inspiring old industrial building renovated into studio space.

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I SAW YOU comics anthology released

February 3rd, 2009 by Daniel Barlow · No Comments


I SAW YOU: Missed Connections Comics was released by Random House today! While not a Trees & Hills project, it does include a number of members of the group and other regional creators. Local contributors include Alec Longstreth, Cathy Leamy, Colleen Frakes, Dan Archer, Daniel Barlow, Megan Baehr, Dan Mazur, Ken Dahl, Lucy Knisley and Sam Merwin.

The book can be purchased on-line here and can also be ordered from your local bookstore.

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Trees & Hills drawing party at CCS from Feb. 23

March 4th, 2008 by Daniel Barlow · 1 Comment


Cat Garza of White River Junction, Vt. works on the latest installment of his “Year of the Rat” comic as he snacks.


Here’s a view of the main teaching room at the Center for Cartoon Studies.


Megan Baehr of Putney, Vt. colors one of her comics.

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"New Stars" Launch Party Photos

November 20th, 2007 by Marek Bennett · No Comments

Presenting some unofficial PHOTOS from the event!

Here, Colin & Megan deal with a big crowd around the display table…

And here, the chief architects of the Trees and Hills Sputnik Project reveal their handiwork to the press. The elegant basketball-sized device boasts a gleaming aluminum coating, and a core of unknown composition, possibly enriched candy.

Thanks to Keene’s own COMIC BOOM for hosting the event!

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