A kind review of Time’s design

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A kind review of Time‘s design!

Some more info: The clock is indeed glued-on cardstock. We chose cardstock for sturdiness, but in retrospect I’d recommend heavy-ish paper instead because I think it’ll flex better against the cardstock cover.

We go for that sort of bold, simple cover design in part so it can work when seen from across the room or as a tiny thumbnail on a screen.

The cover was drawn by Anne Thalheimer based on a design by me (which, as with all our anthology covers now, was based on a prior anthology cover designed by Anne, Dan, Marek Bennett, and me). The table of contents and back cover were designed and created by Matt Young. And keen-eyed viewers will note our eminent reviewer’s name among the contributors ;)

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SHELTER & PLAY reviewed @ The Comics Journal

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I’m really coming around more and more to the virtues of Trees and Hills’ approach … the multiplicity of voices deepens and broadens the choir’s discussion and inevitably the aesthetic high points appear all the more finely turned out.

Rich Kreiner wrote a nice review of our anthologies SHELTER and PLAY over at The Comics Journal.

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Alan Moore & Vermont

March 8th, 2009 by Daniel Barlow · 1 Comment

Vermont Press Bureau
Published: March 6, 2009

EAST MONTPELIER – The fictional world of “Watchmen”– set in a 1985 where Richard Nixon is still president and the threat of nuclear war looms over the United States – doesn’t have much in common with the idyllic, laid-back Vermont.

But the writer of that comic, which sees its film version debut nationally today, enjoyed a special working relationship with two Vermont comic artists for years – Stephen R. Bissette of Windsor and Rick Veitch of West Townshend.

“I first met Alan Moore as most of you did: as a reader,” Bissette wrote in his chapter for the book, “Alan Moore: Portrait of An Extraordinary Gentleman.” “And upon first reading, I knew: this was magic.”

Read the rest of the story here.

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Big Shop And Article Updates

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I’m pleased to announce that Colin’s Comix Distro has finally grown into the Trees & Hills Comix Distro, an “official” organ of the group, with T&H cofounder Daniel Barlow of VT and cartoonist & columnist Anne Thalheimer of western MA coming on board – you can check it out via the ‘Shop’ link on the site menu. In honor of the changeover, I’m bringing the online stock up to date, starting with these comics by Marek Bennett:

The Making Of…24 Hour Comic, Mimi’s Doughnuts #9 (Fall 2006), and Mimi’s Doughnuts #10 (Winter 2006-7). Read an interview with Marek and a review of Mimi’s Doughnuts #10 in our ‘Articles’ section. Marek will be at the Trees & Hills table (S32, upstairs) at MoCCA June 23-24 in NYC.

Also in the Shop, you can now acquire some comics by Matt Levin:

Matt takes the unique approach of mostly using and manipulating rubber stamp images to make his comics. We have Walking Man Comics Presents Special #34: Myths And Magic, WMCPS #7: New England Patriot, Musicomics #1: Sink Or Swim, Musicomics #7: You Know Who, and Musicomics #13: Saturday Dreams.

There are also more Articles: Stephen Bissette‘s interviews with Center For Cartoon Studies Fellow Gabby Schulz (aka “Ken Dahl”) and CCS graduate Colleen Frakes, plus 2 more Fleen columns by Anne Thalheimer.

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