Updated Blogs du Jour

January 3rd, 2012 by Colin Tedford · No Comments

Our “Recent & Regional” sidebar feature (formerly “Blogs du Jour,” seen at right on the main page of the site) gathers blog post headlines from our regions’s cartoonists and other comics-related folk into one convenient place. The list of feeds it draws from had gotten terribly out of date, but I’ve just updated it – so feast on the wealth of news, thoughts, and art! I finally found a great plugin to replace Google Reader for the job, which will make it easier to keep the feed list up to date (and removed that annoying background display issue that happened to Reader). Who knows – the future might hold more overdue website refurbishing!

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Calendar temporarily down

May 12th, 2011 by Colin Tedford · No Comments

I just tried to update our events calendar plugin like a good citizen, and got a message saying I needed to upgrade to an earlier version first, with a link to instructions that leads to a site that’s currently being “updated”. In the meantime, our calendar has been wiped clean of events. I apologize for any inconvenience and hope the events will return of their own accord when we can finish updating the plugin.

Ah, technology.

EDIT: Events are back! I updated the plugin to a more recent, but not the newest version, and still need to update to the newest. Which shouldn’t be an issue, but I’m just going to enjoy having a functional calendar again for now.

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Site maintenance

September 18th, 2010 by Colin Tedford · No Comments

We are finally upgrading our WordPress installation, so things may go wonky for a bit, but should thereafter be better than ever. Wish us luck!

EDIT (1/2 hour later): Updated & looking good so far! Someday we’ll give this site a proper overhaul, but at least now it’ll run a little smoother behind the scenes.

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Reconstruction In Progress

March 30th, 2008 by Colin Tedford · 3 Comments

The long-awaited reconstruction of the Trees & Hills website is now in progress, so please pardon our appearance. There are a few things that will take a while to get to, but everything should be pretty functional soon, and I’ll post about the new features.

Goodbye, Blogger – Hello, WordPress!

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The Shop Is Back

March 22nd, 2008 by Colin Tedford · No Comments

The Trees & Hills Distro is back online! Sorry the renovations took so long; it wasn’t too much work, but some personal matters tore my attention away for a while. Anyway, now the world may once more purchase the minicomics of our fair region from one convenient online location.

New features!
- A Store Finder listing shops that have been known to carry our work.
- Comments – Post reviews of the minicomics!
- Artist List in menu, so you can see who we stock & what we have by them more easily.
- Individual product pages so you can link to a specific item you want to tell someone about instead of hoping they find it on the site.
- Bigger cover images! Well, actually they’re still pretty small, but as I scan and upload new comics, you’ll be able to click the thumbnail for a larger view.

The distro’s website has lagged behind what we actually have in stock for some time, but now those items are finally finding their way to the site. The first “new” items in stock are Booty #20 by Anne Thalheimer and A Taste Of Paradise by Megan Baehr. Yay! More comics will be joining the online stock in the weeks to come.

You may notice that some items are marked “out of stock” – why the heck did I bother posting them? Well, after I got the site back up, Hub Comics in Somerville, MA (“the comics shop for NPR listeners”) ordered a bunch of minis! Which caused some things to run out, and made me realize some thing were already gone (whoops!). Anyway, if you live near Somerville, definitely check out Hub Comics, because they clearly love good comics. Thanks, Hub!

The main site here is next up for an overhaul. I’m planning to take a single day to do most of the work, though, so it shouldn’t be a lingering process.

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NEW STARS Release Party!

November 10th, 2007 by Colin Tedford · No Comments

Come on out and celebrate our newest anthology at Keene, NH’s newest comic shop this coming Saturday!

Also remember to check out our calendar for all the other cool doings, like the monthly Pioneer Valley Comic & Cartoon Schmooze coming up November 13.

In other news: I redesigned my website! Trees & Hills is next.

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The Final Piece!

November 17th, 2006 by Colin Tedford · 1 Comment

The Trees & Hills Comics Page is finally online! The first two strips are both T&H-related things by me, but we’ll be adding more strips by various people in the coming weeks.

Although there are still things to do, and in some sense always will be, the site as we envisioned it is now essentially complete!

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More Growth

November 17th, 2006 by Colin Tedford · No Comments

I’d like to welcome Vermont cartoonist Skip Morrow to our links page, and also announce the unveiling (finally!) of our Articles section – soon to be a flourishing grove of comics journalism.

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We’re Here!

June 20th, 2006 by Colin Tedford · No Comments

Welcome to the shiny new website of the Trees & Hills Comic Group. We’re a sort of community center for cartoonists in Vermont, New Hampshire, and western MA. In the coming weeks the site will grow and develop, with calendar, links, comics, journalism, nifty logos and who knows what else. In the meantime, watch this space for news about artists, events and more, and feel free to drop by our forum.

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