Mark Gonyea

Field Guide To Cartoonists Of Vermont, New Hampshire, and Western Massachusetts

by Anne Thalheimer, Benjamin Kalish, Bryan Stone, Cat Garza, Chris Grotke, Colin Tedford, Colleen Frakes, Daniel Barlow, Ethan Slayton, Jade Harmon, Jennifer Omand, Kathie Mullen, Marek Bennett, Mark Gonyea, Matt Levin, Meagan Frappeia, Megan Baehr, Morgan Pielli, Stephen R. Bissette

cover: “Field Guide†anthology by Trees & Hills Comics Group (You can call it “Field Guide” for short.) This all-ages extravaganza from the Trees & Hills Comics Group features many of the varied species of cartoonists living in Vermont, New Hampshire, and western Massachusetts. Edited by Daniel Barlow and Colin Tedford. 5.5″ x 8.5″, 52 pgs. *Out of Stock*