Would you like Trees & Hills Comix Distro to carry your comics? Here's what you need to know:

We mostly carry comics produced in Vermont, New Hampshire, and western Massachusetts, because that's the regional base of our comics group. That being so, we like to buy from artists in person when we can. The best way to do this is to attend or organize a cartooning get-together like those put on by us, and others announced at our group's site (which you should really know about if you are making comics in the above-mentioned area).

We will consider comics from outside our region (especially others from New England or rural areas), but the likeliheood we'll carry it is greatly reduced.

If you can't bring yourself to be around other cartoonists, you can send a sample comic or comics (samples will not be returned). You should hear from us in a few weeks; if you don't, feel free to follow up with a note or email to make sure we received it.

Here are some basic things we look for:

1. LEGIBILITY - Your work doesn't need machine-like precision, but if it's hard to read it'll be hard to sell.

2. PRICE - Cheap Comics For The People is a nice motto. Don't sell yourself short - don't set the cover price less than double the printing cost (3x will leave you some money), and keep in mind the copies you'll trade & give away. But also put yourself in a prospective reader's shoes (and make sure you're getting a good deal on copies!). Fancy covers are nice, but (as your parents may have told you) it's what's inside that counts. We try to offer good comics value for the buyer who may already be trying something unfamiliar.

This is a labor of love - we are trying to provide some service to the comics community in getting people's comics around.

We buy comics up front for 50% of cover price; we don't do consignment. If you want to do part or all of a transaction in trade, we offer full cover price in trade credit. We sell the comics online, at conventions, to stores, and to individuals, and will drop a line infrequently to let you know how they're doing.

There are three of us doing this; you can contact whichever you'd like, but you'll probably want to talk to the one that lives closest to you:

Daniel Barlow lives in Vermont (barlowdaniel at gmail dot com).

Colin Tedford lives in New Hampshire (colintedford at gmail dot com).

Anne Thalheimer lives in western Massachusetts (motes at simons-rock dot edu).

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