Halloween Comics

Give some comics to your trick-or-treaters, Halloween party-goers, relatives returned from the grave, etc. Buy sets of them from our shop or download them below for free to print & assemble yourself! See Colin Tedford’s Halloween comics page for more.

The titles link to PDFs of the comics:

Assembling the comics is pretty easy! Each file is labeled as to whether it should be printed in “landscape” or “portrait” orientation. Print the PDF double-sided at 100% (no scaling; don’t let the program “adjust to printer margins” or anything like that). Each copy of the file produces 4 copies of the comic; when you cut them apart, the pages will be in the right order for you to staple & fold. If using scissors instead of a papercutter, you may want to cut after folding. Staple in the center & fold. It’s easiest to fold the comic first and use the crease as the target for stapling, but if you prefer to staple first the center is at 2 3/4″.

Have a happy Halloween!

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