Our resource list isn’t exhaustive, but hopefully it will help. Feel free to suggest other resources by emailing


Jessica Abel’s DIY Tutorials – Good lessons on materials and the process of drawing comics.
Comic Script Templates For Microsoft Word – Automates and simplifies script formatting. For older versions but presumably still functional because they were recommended by w.MA writer Michael Finger.
Comic Tools – “Snooping into cartoonists’ tool boxes. Updated weekdays.” MK Reed posts the results of her survey of artists’ habits – take the survey yourself!
DIY Comix – an instructional pamphlet by Shawn Granton (some assembly required).
John MacLeod’s Small Press Comics FAQ – Info on making comics.
Make Comics Forever!! – Cartoonists share their thoughts and advice on productivity.
Brian Lee O’Malley’s Comics Advice – Posted in response to some questions.


Free Serif Software – Serif Software offers older versions of its software for desktop publishing, image manipulation, making webpages and more for free.
GIMP – Image manipulation program.


Jessica Abel’s DIY Tutorials – Good lesson on making minicomics.
ComiXpress – A print-on-demand service that specializes in comics.
DIY Comix – an instructional pamphlet by Shawn Granton (some assembly required).
Dream Weaver Press – Small run printing, run by self-published comics artists.
Guerilla Press – “a free independent publishing resource site…promoting a DIY approach to the small press world.”
Lulu – Print-on-demand publishing.
John MacLeod’s Small Press Comics FAQ – Info on self-publishing.
No Media Kings: DIY Book Press – Self-publishing info, with a bookmaking emphasis.
Reproguide – By Ron Rege Jr., David Choe, Brian Ralph, & Jordan Crane. “It’s a fairly thorough guide to Xerography, Silkscreening, and Offset Printing” in PDF format (requires Adobe Reader) from Reddingk Books.



HTML Goodies – Extensive.
Lissa Explains It All – Aimed at kids, but good for anyone.


Blogger – Free blogs, hosted on your site or theirs. Not designed as a comics site template but will do in a pinch. You’ll need an image host.
Comic Genesis – Free, customizable comics host w/ automatic updater. The help files could use a real overhaul to make it easier to get started, but plenty of people are using it & it seems useful if you can get the hang of it.
DeviantArt – Not great for multi-page comics, but it’s free and has a large community.
DreamHost – For if you just want to rent some plain ol’ webspace and set up your own site.
LiveJournal – Free blogs. Not designed as a comics site template but does pretty well in a pinch. You can tag your posts for sorting, and there is an extensive community which includes many cartoonists. You’ll need an image host unless you want to pay money.
Webcomics Nation – A pay service with automatic updating & various tools, support & community (part of the Modern Tales family of websites, which also includes our forum host).

Image Hosts


Other Tools

Oh No Robot – “OhNoRobot is a free search engine service for webcomics! You can sign your comic up for a personalized search engine, along with tons of other great features. Your readers aid you in the task of transcription!”
Online Comics – Directory of online comics. Get listed!
RSSpect – Free Automatic RSS feeds – help people keep up with your site!


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  • 1 scherbatskoy // Jan 27, 2009 at 8:53 am

    was looking at your resources… thanks.
    the Jessica Abel’s DIY site has changed locations.

    thought you should know. I like the site.

    Jon Scherbatskoy
    Worcester, VT

  • 2 Stephen B. // May 2, 2009 at 5:45 pm

    Great resources. I’d also recommend ComicPress, a WordPress template that’s very effective for organizing and publishing comics online.


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